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we're back with you for more of "today" on a thursday morning. it's the 21st of january 2010. it is a bright, sunny, fairly moderate day here in the northeast, and to go along with it, a nice crowd of people out on our plaza. thanks to them. inside the studio, i'm matt lauer along with ann curry and natalie morales. al is out in los angeles covering yet another waive of storms to batter the california coast. al, we kid the people in california that they've got nothing to complain about with the weather. not so this week. >> that's right. well, you know, this is all really a one-two punch. first of all, last year we had the burns, you know, those big
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wildfires. they burned out all the vegetation. now you get the heavy rain and you get mud slides, and we've got one more big storm coming through, and then, hopefully, for the weekend everybody's out of the woods. look at that flooding. >> yeah, it's terrible. >> keep our fingers crossed for them. >> we'll get your forecast in a couple minutes. meanwhile, coming up from here, john edwards comes clean. it's been speculated that the senator and former democratic presidential candidate fathered the baby of his former mistress. he's denied that for two years, saying that the timing of the affair did not coincide with the birth of the baby girl. well, edwards now admits that the baby is his, and in an exclusive statement to nbc news, explains why he denied it until now. we're going to have that for you in just a couple of minutes. all right, also ahead, a cease-fire in the late-night wars. nbc has come up with a $45 million deal for conan o'brien to exit "the tonight show," making way for leno to retake the reins on march 1st. he may be facing off with
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o'brien as early as september on another network. we'll bring you up to date on the latest details, how it all works out, next hour. then, we'll talk about our minds over money. for example, maybe he balances his checkbook to a penny and maybe you don't know where your atm card is half the time. money can be a friction point for a lot of couples. how you handle it, keep track of it, save it. we'll have three tips on working through your conflicts, because it's one of the major reasons why couples fight. >> money and sex, right? number one and number two. >> yeah. >> and children i think are number three. >> exactly. >> there you go. you've got a check of the top stories of the morning? >> i do, matt, i do. we're going to talk more about haiti. there are more makeshift camps springing up for haiti's survivors, and authorities are saying now that 2 million people have been made homeless by last week's earthquake. survivors are still being found. on wednesday, a 5-year-old boy was pulled from the wreckage of his home. house speaker nancy pelosi and other democratic leaders meet today to figure out what's next for health care reform, this after republican scott brown won tuesday's special senate election in massachusetts, ending the democrats' filibuster-proof
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supermajority. brown is on capitol hill today making courtesy calls on his new colleagues. today, defense secretary robert gates pressed pakistan to expand its crackdown on extremists near the border with afghanistan. a federal panel is expected today to determine the probable cause of a deadly commuter train accident. it was a crash near los angeles in 2008. the national transportation safety board is wrapping up its investigation into the crash that killed 25 people and injured at least 130. in his final state of the state message, south carolina governor mark sanford apologized for what he said was the last time for his affair last summer, and he also praised his wife, who filed for divorce last month. lawmakers gave his wife, who was not there, a standing ovation. and the so-called white house gate crashers, tareq and michaele salahi, were called before congress on wednesday, but they weren't talking. they repeatedly invoked their fifth amendment right to remain silent. there is a risk of severe weather today from tennessee to florida. on wednesday there were at least 14 reports of tornadoes in texas
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and louisiana that caused widespread damage, but apparently, no serious injuries. in iowa, a severe ice storm brought down trees and power lines and left thousands without electricity. and in oklahoma, lightning hit an oil tank, setting it on fire. that's a dramatic image. it is now four minutes past the hour. you're up to date. now back to you two. >> all right, ann, thank you very much. so, we've got tornadoes and lightning and snow -- >> ice storms. >> and out in southern california, just a ton of rain. let's go back out there to al for a check of the weather. al? that's right, guys. northern california getting hit pretty hard. flagstaff, arizona, just above there, they're going to be talking about feet of snow. so, it's a crazy weather day. and of course, here in the southland of california, they've got big problems. mud slides, and as we look at what's going on right now, low pressure, big area of low pressure, this one a monster low actually may be a historic record low pressure, bringing in wind gusts of over 60 miles per hour besides the heavy rain.
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rainfall amounts, we're talking anywhere from one to eight inches of rain. in fact, that heavy rain extends as far into arizona and in the mountains there. we're talking one to three feet of snow. and then as we move to the east, we've got tornado watches from pensacola, florida, all the way to jacksonville and on into southern georgia. this is valid until 4:00 this afternoon. and heavy rain is moving into the area. look on the radar. you can see those strong storms cutting right through the panhandle of florida on into georgia and parts of >> good morning, everyone. the weather should be nice and quiet today. there will be a time of light rain, sleet, or snow this
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and that's your latest weather. ann? >> all right, al, thank you. and now john edwards, the u.s. senator and former democratic candidate now confirms to nbc news that he is the father of rielle hunter's 22-month-old baby girl, something a lot of people had long suspected. nbc's senior investigative correspondent lisa myers has details for us this morning. hey, lisa, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, again, ann. senator edwards' statement has been months in the making and confirms, as you said, what many americans have already concluded, that at the same time he was running for president, john edwards fathered a child. today, he is publicly embracing that child for the first time. >> this way, senator. >> reporter: after two years of scandal, deception and betrayal -- >> the story's false. >> reporter: -- that destroyed his political career and wrecked his personal life, john edwards
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this morning is trying to right a wrong. are you speaking for the senator today? >> i am speaking for the senator to the extent that anyone can, yes. >> reporter: harrison hickman is edwards' longtime close friend and trusted political adviser, coming forward to help deliver a message about frances quinn hunter, the child born to rielle hunter, with whom edwards had an affair. >> the senator wants to say, first of all, that he is the father of quinn. secondly, he wants people to know that he has provided for her and will continue to provide for her, as he should, both financially and emotionally. >> reporter: in a written statement provided exclusively to nbc news, edwards says, "i am quinn's father. i will do everything in my power to provide her with the love and support she deserves. it was wrong for me ever to deny she was my daughter and hopefully one day, when she understands, she will forgive me." when he talks about the child,
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what does he tell you? how does he feel about this child? >> he talks about her being a beautiful child and a happy child. like any father, he talks about how it makes him feel when he's around quinn, which is, you know, very happy. i think he's very proud of this child. >> this child is almost 2 years old. why did it take so long for the senator to acknowledge that he is her father? >> it's a lot more complicated, i think, than most people think. there are a lot of adults involved, and i think they wanted to handle this the right way for jack and emma claire and cate as well as for quinn. >> reporter: edwards' attorney says he's been seeing quinn and providing financial support for about a year and just signed a child support agreement with hunter. a spokesperson for elizabeth edwards says she learned last summer that quinn is her husband's child. today's announcement marks another chapter in the fall of a man once considered a leading
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candidate for president. >> we're going to start changing this country now. >> reporter: a man whose hubris and recklessness brought personal destruction. in this photo, edwards is seen with both his wife and his mistress the night before he first confided to his wife he'd been unfaithful, but when tabloid headlines forced a public admission of the affair with hunter, his campaign videographer in august 2008, he denied hunter's child was his. >> i know that it's not possible that this child could be mine because of the timing of events. so, i know it's not possible. >> reporter: did he know at the time that this was his daughter? >> i don't know if he knew it was his daughter at the time, but i know he lied when he said it was not possible, and he knows he lied, you know. i think he is certainly regretful for that. >> reporter: the senator also has said that the affair with rielle hunter occurred when elizabeth's cancer was in remission. however, this child was
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conceived three months after elizabeth announced that her cancer was back and it was incurable. >> you're right. i mean, as he has said, he's been deceitful about it. he's lied about it. >> reporter: elizabeth edwards is still undergoing cancer treatment and makes occasional public appearances about health care. she opened a furniture shop last summer in chapel hill, north carolina, not far from the family's mansion. how is elizabeth feeling with this new member of the family? >> elizabeth thinks that he should acknowledge this. it's been a very difficult time for everyone, but for elizabeth i think more than anyone else it's been a difficult time. >> reporter: friends say john and elizabeth edwards have separated, at least for now, but still talk on a regular basis. edwards bought this house for quinn and her mother to live in in charlotte, more than two hours away from his home in chapel hill, which set the
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neighborhood abuzz. >> i haven't heard anybody say, "oh, no!" but it's been like, oh, gosh. then we've got, oh, dear, that means the press will be here a lot. >> reporter: john edwards now tries to stay out of the public spotlight. he spends time at his beach house and went to el salvador three times last year to help build houses for the poor. >> he's done good, old-fashioned work. i mean, he's helped build hospitals, schools. >> reporter: in his statement, edwards said, "to all those i have disappointed and hurt, these words will never be enough, but i am truly sorry." >> he knows that saying he's sorry isn't enough, but he is incredibly remorseful about the pain he's caused people. he wants to be a good father and, you know, be a good person again. >> reporter: ann, edwards is not speaking publicly today, at least in part because of an ongoing federal investigation into whether campaign money was used to try to cover up the affair. he has denied wrongdoing. tomorrow on "today," we'll have a look at that investigation and at the former aide who now
9:12 am
claims to have been at the center of that cover-up. >> all right, lisa myers, thank you for your reporting on this matter. thank you so much. and coming up next, a late-night truce. nbc and conan o'brien reach an exit deal and jay leno comes back to "tonight." and later, mind over money. three tips on getting the on the same page as your partner when it comes to finances.
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after days of negotiation and weeks of speculation, it is now official. nbc's confirming this morning that the network and conan o'brien have reached a deal. nbc's lee cowan is in los angeles with the latest. lee, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. yeah, that announcement is expected to be made later on this morning.
9:16 am
that does allow conan to leave. in fact, his very last "tonight show" will be tomorrow night. the terms of the deal, it's estimated that it's worth about $45 million. about $33 million goes to conan o'brien. the rest of it goes out to pay out severance packages for the rest of his staff. but even though conan is allowed to leave, some of his characters, anything he specifically created for nbc, those are nbc's property and do not go with him. >> thank you very much, everybody! >> reporter: only a professional comedian could joke about walking away from the dream job he wanted most of his adult life, but legality has just given his punch lines from media punch. >> hi, everyone. i'm conan o'brien. i'm sorry i'm a little late. i had a job interview at lady footlocker. >> reporter: nbc officially handed "the tonight show" back to its former owner, jay leno, bringing the curtain down on an embarrassing chapter of nbc that took teams of lawyers weeks to iron out. >> i spent the afternoon at universal studios amusement park, enjoying their brand new ride, the tunnel of litigation.
9:17 am
>> reporter: under the terms of the deal, conan o'brien leaves nbc with millions the network would have otherwise paid him and is allowed to eventually seek a television show on a competing network. as for jay leno, he's out of his failed primetime gig but right back where he was for 17 years, saying the network valued him too much to lose, but that reasoning seemed to puzzle even him. >> how valuable can i be? you fired me twice. how valuable can i be? >> reporter: nbc universal chief executive jeff zucker told charlie rose this week that he regrets conan's departure. >> i feel terribly that conan isn't going to be at nbc where he was given a chance 17 years ago and was a homegrown star and that, ultimately, it will end this way. i don't feel good about that, obviously. >> reporter: but in the end, he said it was a business decision. >> this wasn't exactly what the viewers wanted. and so, i don't know that we would have done this exactly,
9:18 am
but i do think that taking a risk and trying something new is something that we should always be willing to do. >> reporter: ironically, the highly publicized dust-up has given conan some of the highest ratings he's had since he started as "the tonight show" host. fans have even organized "save cocoa" rallies and vow to follow him wherever he ends up. >> nearly 17 million people watched the golden globes sunday night on nbc. and as a result, nbc today announced we'll be airing repeats of the golden globes five nights a week at 10:00, right here. we will have the show on five nights a week. >> reporter: for now, nbc has temporarily solved its late-night woes but have an even larger one looming -- what to do with the primetime slot that jay leno leaves behind, not the kind of drama nbc brass is hoping for. and, natalie, jay leno is expected to return to his old-new slot, back on "the tonight show" on monday, march 1st. that's the first monday after
9:19 am
the li olympics are over. conan o'brien will be free to seek other opportunities and will be allowed back on the air september 1st. >> interesting to see how that competition turns out.'s pop culture columnist courtney hazlett has been reporting on all the late-night drama. good morning. >> good morning. >> let's talk about this $45 million deal. i understand part of it involved conan negotiating for his staff's severance as well. >> entirely. there are dozens and dozens of staffers who left new york city to move their families to los angeles. we're talking about husbands, wives, kids being put in new schools so that they could go to los angeles, and i am told that conan definitely wanted to make sure that his whole staff was not protected and not left on the large. >> like $32 million for him, $12 million for his staff, as i understand. >> and i'm told he's also paying some out of pocket as well. there are complicated financial arrangements when you start working with different unions and that sort of thing that would prevent them from getting the full package, and so,
9:20 am
conan's making sure that happens, too. >> in terms of his next move, as lee was reporting, that could happen as soon as september 1st. >> correct. >> what are some of the networks that are rumored to be in the running for him? >> well, fox definitely is in the running. we've been talking about this since the very beginning. the person who runs fox, a good friend of conan o'brien's. you're talking about a guy who's been -- >> similar time slot? >> i do believe you're going to see a similar time slot. that network has really been wanting a late-night competitor for quite some time. and i think what's important here is, before we go crying for conan -- i don't think many of us are when you hear numbers like that. >> not now, right. >> but he's been in show business for a long time. he's got friends in high places that are going to take care of him. >> why do you think he did not do well in the 11:30 time slot? was that a result of the primetime thing with jay not working out and it kind of backfired on conan as well, or is it just conan didn't work out in that slot? >> i believe it to be a perfect storm sort of situation. i believe that jay was a factor. >> yeah. >> also believe that the move to los angeles might have had a greater impact than anybody really thought. when your publicist and you're
9:21 am
booking your clients and you've got these late-night wars going on, which network do you go to, there's a lot of cache in sending your client out to battle it out between the competitors in late night in new york city as opposed to just making the rounds just in l.a. so, i think there's a lot of arguments to be made for the impact that move had. some people said he's lost his edge out will, too. >> the impact on jay remains to be seen. a lot of people have said -- as we see, there's a lot of team coco out there or team conan. how could this affect jay's ratings? >> i don't believe that jay suddenly going back to his old show is going to be that fascinating. when you look at the numbers and see the people who stopped watching, you didn't see all of them go to david letterman or people switched allegiances. they just stopped watching. so it's not just about getting viewers back from the competitor, it's getting people to watch television again. >> right. >> in the way they used to. but also those booking wars again and being able to get those guests back on.
9:22 am
do you think those in hollywood are going to be lining up to get back on jay again? >> no. just to be perfectly frank. a number of actors i spoke to at the golden globes, this was a huge topic of conversation, were saying, you know what, i don't necessarily think i want to go on leno's show. i found that to be very interesting. >> wow. >> now when push comes to shove, when it comes time to promote a film or something like that, we'll see if that really happens. but the general feeling, when hollywood starts to turn against you, that's bad news. it's one thing to watch the tide of public opinion move one way or another. >> right. >> but when the people who actually know the person say, you know what, i'm on conan's team, you have to pay attention. >> such a shame and so many hurdles still ahead. >> indeed. >> courtney hazlett, thanks so much. you can read more of her articles on as well. coming up, are you too busy to cook? we're going to give you a strategy for easy, plan-ahead meals. but first, these messages. there's nothing more important than the ones you love, which is why now is the time to protect them and yourself. the h1n1 flu vaccine is available now
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>> live, local, late breaking. this is tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. a disturbing series of crime has people living in the park hill neighborhood on edge this morning. the suspect showed in the sketch has been breaking into a ground- floor apartments of at least six separate buildings and watching women as they sleep. so far he has pledged as soon as he is detected, but police want to stop him before he has a chance to escalate his crimes. there has been a settlement reached in the two brothers killed by a train. they have agreed to pay $1.5 million to the families. they were walking along the tracks last july when there were
9:27 am
struck from behind by an oncoming train. last month an internal investigation found they were negligent in taking steps to to stop the train. senators are sponsoring legislation to stop credit checks in job interviews. he said legislation would not include all conditions. the dome good morning, -- >> good morning, everyone. we will see a winter mix developing by tonight. a mix of light rain, sleet, snow. the temperatures way above freezing, and that is important because i think the roads will be ok tonight. tonight that will change at the
9:28 am
temperatures drop. there could be minor accumulations of snow and ice. the mix will continue probably until early friday morning. everything will taper off early in the afternoon on friday with a height temperature near 37. dry conditions on saturday. >> thank you for joining us. another update at 9:55 a.m.
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♪ i love them all and all of them love me because the system works, the system called resiprocity ♪ >> that is none other than queen latifah lighting up the scene as mama morgan in "chicago." she is wonderful. she's going to be stopping by to chat it up with kathie lee and hoda in just a few moments. the queen is going to be here. god, i love her. >> powerful voice. >> really, and just a good person as well. good person. coming up, do you know how to talk to your partner about his or her money personality?
9:31 am
well, the number one reason couples fight is because of money. we'll show you how to alleviate some stress, live with each other's personality and maybe save a little cash with an expert this morning. plus, kids and stress, the other reason a lot of couples fight is having to do with the kids, but 45% of today's teens say they are worried more than in the past year than in the year before. from school to sports to their social life to the economic hard times. it all adds up to a lot of adolescent anxiety. we're going to show you, and hopefully, give you some tools for dealing with all that. a lot going on. >> the study says parents underestimate how stressed out their kids are. also coming up in "today's kitchen," easy recipes you can make ahead and store for a quick dinner on a busy night. we have a lot of busy nights. first, let's check the weather with al, who's in los angeles covering the big rains there. hey, al. >> that's right. right now, good news is things have let up just a bit, but we are expecting more rain coming in here a little later today. let's show you what's happening as far as your weekend is concerned. so, hopefully, this will just be
9:32 am
a bad memory for a lot of folks out west. we've got sunshine out here, rain in the pacific northwest. east coast looks pretty good. rain from the gulf coast up into the mid-mississippi river valley, icy conditions in the upper ohio river, mississippi river >> good morning, everyone. the weather should be nice and quiet to start the day. we will see an area of light rain and snow developing by this evening. that's your latest weather. ann? >> all right, a little bird tells us that you'll be back tomorrow. is that right? >> i don't know.
9:33 am
i don't know any birds. but yes, i am. >> we hope so. >> our arms will be open and greeting you warmly, al, if that is true. thank you so much. and coming up next, we're going to have some advice on how to resolve the financial conflicts in your relationship. that's coming up with details after this. sluggish. my daughter needed activia! so i took the activia challenge... wow. it works. now she has a spring in her step. i'm loving it. every morning. help get your system back on track. activia with bifidus regularis helps regulate your digestive system in two weeks. would you recommend activia? i already have. it works or it's free. get back on track now with the activia challenge. ♪ activia if toyota gets credit for being the most fuel efficient car company in america, well, then how do you explain all this?
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attract can be exciting in a relationship, it can also be a source of a lot of tension when it comes to combining finances. stacy morrison is the editor in chief of "redbook" magazine, which out lines three solutions in this month's issue. and "today" contributor gail saltz is the associate professor of psychiatry for new york presbyterian hospital. good morning, ladies. >> good morning. >> a big source of conflict for couples is money, and actually the reason for divorce. >> this is the number one source of arguing and source of divorce, with sex being a close second, but it is. >> let's get to the first thing you say, stacy. it's important to identify your money personality. >> right. >> what do you mean by that? >> we have natural tendencies. either you're somebody who likes to spend, spend, spend and not think about it, or you're a tight wad and spending money actually hurts you, and there are other personalities in the middle. you have to kind of work with it. it's not that any one of them is wrong, but you have to acknowledge what that natural personality is and work with it and make plans together. >> right. it's not like you're going to change out your partnership --
9:38 am
>> absolutely not. >> you're not going to end your marriage based on this, but gail, how do you work with your partner in merging the personalities to a more agreeable solution? >> it's first about understanding who you are, because we're not actually conscious of which type we are. when you look at families of origin and how you were raised and your reaction to that, you will have a better understanding of who you are and why, and then you want to understand who your partner is and why, because you're not going to change the essence of them. >> right. >> but if you understand and can empathize -- so, can understand that if they're a tight wad and you're making them spend that it makes them anxious. >> yes. >> that it's not that they don't want you to have, it makes them anxious. if you can stand in their shoes, then you can come to a compromise of something that at least is in the middle for both of you. >> so, this brings us to our next steps, which is establishing some of those ground rules, stacy. >> exactly. >> take us through rule number one. >> the most obvious one most people don't do, you have to do a household budget together. and what that means is not just what are our paychecks and what's our mortgage or rent, it's every single thing you
9:39 am
spend put into a spreadsheet. and you can find budget sheets anywhere, you can find them at it's your lattes, everything goes in there. and once you look at that, you can have the actual conversation of are we spending more than we take in and then realizing, gosh, maybe -- >> without being accusatory, also. >> absolutely. >> you don't want to point the fij, say you're buying too many lattes. >> but it gets you to deal with reality without all the emotions involved, as gail was talking about. second thing is to make decisions about whether you merge all your money or don't. there's no one way that's right, but have a discussion about whether you want joint checking accounts and a shared saving account or whatever. that way, you know how you money flows, where do the paychecks come in, who writes the bills, who does the more long-term stuff so that you know who's in charge of what instead of tumbling through it. >> and money often, gail, is tied with emotions and all of this, and it really comes down to a control issue. >> yes. >> so, how important is it to have your own source of money, separate, like a separate
9:40 am
account? >> again it really depends on each of your personalities. >> right. >> if the issue is that one is controlling the other with the money -- because money equals power in a relationship. >> yes. >> so, if it's about one person sort of trying to exert the power -- first, you want to look at why do they need that? do they feel powerless in other ways, in loving ways? you can address that without addressing money. but if power is really what's going on, then it would be best to keep a little pot that's separate so that minute to minute, you're not going through that power struggle. >> you've got to have your fun money, too. >> your fun money. and you're really looking at the bigger picture for the power issue. >> right. >> and stacy, you say another important thing is to set up weekly meetings. >> right. >> where you touch base, talk about your spending, talk about where you're going off on the budget. >> and another reason to do that is so you're not attacking each other with money all during the week, so if you come home with a shopping bag, your husband can't say, "what'd you buy"? >> and don't hide the purchases, too -- >> it's honesty. the thing that pulls at marriages is the desire to lie.
9:41 am
>> marriages really break down over communication. >> completely. >> and lack of communication about the money will be a huge source of distress all week long. so, if you write down what you want to talk about at that meeting -- >> right. >> -- so you don't get all flustered and feel emotional overridden, and you be completely honest. it's the transparency, because betrayal in any arena is going to erode away a marriage. >> exactly. >> so, betrayal about money, it's the same. >> and you say have an annual review, sort of a date. >> shared goals is the safe place for money, shared goals. do you want to buy a house, have children, send them to college, do you want to retire? what's the vacation you want to take this year? you have to make plans. it's sort of like weight loss. you have to put a little bit away all through the year so you can make these goals. >> also, year to year, poop happens, as they say, you know? the economy changes. >> exactly. >> things change and you have to address it and you developmentally change over the years. >> exactly. >> so, what you want and what you need -- >> and what matters. >> -- and what matters to you will change. >> exactly. >> you should have a new game
9:42 am
plan each year. >> getting us off on the right foot this morning. thanks, ladiesladies, gail salt stacy morrison. up next, teaching your kids to deal with stress now. and there's the meatloaf. yuck. look what sometimes happens with the ordinary bag. it slips, oh, bingo, it falls in. mom was mad. mom should have used glad forceflex with the new stretchable drawstring that grips the can and stays in place. plus, it has the stretchable strength of forceflex. that's all today for glad tv. both: don't get mad-- get glad! my muscles just ache... ... all over my body... just doesn't go away. it's so baffling. (announcer) does this sound like the pain you've been experiencing? this is fibromyalgia. chronic, widespread pain and tenderness that affects millions. sometimes i need a hug... ...but i know it's gonna hurt... (announcer) there is hope.
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9:46 am
moms," kids and stress. a recent study found that if kids don't learn healthy ways to manage stress now, it could have some serious effects down the line. we've got parenting expert and "today" contributor michele borba here with some details on how you can help your child handle the daily pressures of everyday life. michele, good morning. >> good morning to you. >> this survey was recently conducted by the american psychological association, and it says that parents not only fail to fully recognize how stressed out their kids are, they underestimate their impacts. what are some of the numbers? >> well, 46% of our teens are saying that they're more stressed this year as opposed to last year. we also look at other surveys that are saying, clearly, it's mounting. and the bim line is, we've got to get concerned and get a handle on it, because it can impact their emotional wellbeing. >> and it can start at age 3. there are a lot of reasons why they're stressed out, but the economic downturn could be a factor. they're feeling it prosecute their parents. >> yes, and they're saying it does. with family finances and school
9:47 am
pressures are the two big ones. school pressures maybe because they're so concerned about, too, getting that scholarship. >> and this can cause a lot of behavioral changes that might be clues for parents listening in terms of recognizing whether or not their kids are suffering too much stress. >> yep. so, look at behavior, look at bed-wetting, look at irritability, look at sleep all of a sudden or lack of it. look also at, certainly, the grades and where it's going in life, your relationship with your child. there's a lot of variables to look at, but figure out how your child handles stress so you can find a way to help reduce it. >> last on that list was illness, and if your kid's getting sick a lot, that may be a sign. okay, starting with very young kids, because we said it can start at age 3. i think maybe earlier, but around that age, according to the american psychological association. what is this all about? this looks fun. >> this is all about what we know and is the fastest way to really help a child relax is to get a deep, slow breath into your mind, get oxygen there.
9:48 am
tough for a 3-year-old. so, you can help your child practice it with bubble blowing. blow your bubbles away, get rid of the worry, but the key is that deep, slow, so they can practice. and then in the here and now, when they're there, take some magic breaths and get rid of the stress. >> so, you're having you or your child write down these messages that calm them down. >> you find one message. mcgill university found that if you can help your child find a positive message that he can self talk and say, it could be "i need to calm down" or "go away, worry, you can't bother me," but if they put it on a card, just that one, and rephrase it over and over again, it will kick in. >> one time i was really stressed up and my son said to me, "mom, calm down." so, now it's a joke. we say that and we laugh. >> but it kicks in. >> you can also use drawing, which is important for getting out your emotions. >> it is. kids who are auditory, they can say it. kids who are visual, they can see it. find the peaceful place that
9:49 am
makes you feel peaceful. it can be grandma's, tree fort. >> and you can photograph -- >> draw it, photograph it. >> what is this one about? >> it's a formula. one is, when you start to feel yourself getting upset, tell yourself calm down. that's one. three is take three slow, deep breaths, because you've been doing the bubble blowing, you know it. ten is count slowly to ten. put them together and practice it. it's one plus three plus ten. >> a lot of parents can use that. >> exactly. >> you've got a little box here that kids can go to if they have a lot of stress where they can use different things. >> yep. i love stress boxes in a family, but what you do is introduce one thing each week at a time. it could be a kush ball, it could be pound your stress away, draw your stress out. but if you add one thing at a time, you'll begin to see which your child goes to. >> the thing you talked about at the beginning was teenagers. and that was a really high number. that's why you recommend introducing yoga. >> yoga. >> i also massage my children, even my teenagers whenever they have it. we like it. why wouldn't we want to rub our
9:50 am
kids' shoulders, right? >> miami university shows that not only will it stress reduce your child, but rebuild their immune system. teens say yoga helps, and you can do it with your child. >> make sure the connections are good even as they move into their teens. michele borba, thanks so much. >> you're so welcome. >> great ideas. coming up next, making life easier in the kitchen. some recipes that you can whip up when you have ♪ spread a little love today ♪ spread a little love my way ♪ spread a little somethin' to remember ♪ ♪ ♪ spread a little joy and see ♪ need a little happiness to be ♪ ♪ living the life with me ♪ ♪ spread a little joy and see ♪ need a little happiness to be ♪ ♪ living the life with me ♪
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9:52 am
this morning in "today's kitchen," comfort food that's easy and affordable. our hot chef, don welch, is the author of "dollars to donuts." she's also owner and short order cook at the landmark cafe in oklahoma. good morning, dawn. >> good morning. >> oklahoma, you were just voted one of the most popular oklahoma oklahomans. >> yes, i was. >> what comes with that honor?
9:53 am
>> just a lot of problem -- >> bragging rights. >> yeah. people saying good and bad, but i love it. >> no. we've heard great things about the rock cafe. >> i love oklahoma and i love all the women there. >> good. you've got a good philosophy about cooking. >> i do. >> which is, i think for parents and busy parents, that is an easy philosophy. it's all about make ahead and store for later, right? >> yes, it is, absolutely. dollars to donuts is, you know, an old-fashioned saying that's all about, for me, it means i'll bet you a dollar to donut i can have you eating better and saving time and money with these easy tips and tricks and recipes. >> very good. and you're making a sauce today -- >> yes, i am. >> which you can use in various recipes. you're going to show us three different recipes. this is like a white cheese sauce? >> yes. this is from the covering your bases chapter. there are four sauces in there that you can mix and match with different meals. today i'm making the creamy parmesan sauce. >> all right, so, we're seeing the ingredients there. >> yes. i've got about five ingredients in this. it's a 15-minute sauce. you can double batch it and put it away for later. >> so, this is something you can
9:54 am
use for pastas to other dishes. >> yeah, to vegetables. what i've done here is i've had a stick of butter. >> okay. >> i've added some garlic -- >> mozzarella cheese. >> white pepper. use whatever color pepper you like. that just kind of makes it pretty. and i've added some cream, milk if you like. >> so boil it down and let it simmer. >> yes. you want to simmer this. then you want to come over here once it's good and boiling. add your parmesan cheese. let this simmer for about -- you don't want it to come to a good, hard boil, but let it cook for about 12 minutes. then we're going to -- it will thicken up, as you can see here. >> a nice cream. >> hi. >> and this is going to make it thicker and more sumptuous. >> we've got a minute to get to the rest. >> here we go. >> you can actually freeze this, which is great. >> put it away and use it later. >> which is perfect. >> and when you unfreeze it, it tastes the same? >> exactly the same. >> i love that. >> my kids love it. they can use it with vegetables. this is the lasagna. you're here at my lasagna party
9:55 am
now. >> exactly. >> so, you're going to use no-bake noodles. makes it easy. >> no-boil noodles, uh huh. >> that way, you can assemble it. >> and you can freeze this as well. >> if you wanted to. >> pour this -- >> then add more cheese -- >> lasagna? >> you had huff. >> and also with the broccoli, right? >> yeah, that's what my kids -- i call it >> live, local, late breaking. this is wbal tv 11 news and baltimore. >> good morning. an investigation is under way into the cause of the deadly late-night fire in east baltimore. it happened shortly after 11:00 in the 1600 block of east oliver street. we are told that four people were killed. fire officials say they did not appear to be a smoke alarm in the home.
9:56 am
9:57 am
>> good morning, everyone. things will be quite to start the day today. we will see thickening clouds as we head through the day. the temperatures will be away above freezing. we're shooting for a high around 40 degrees. tonight that will change. temperatures around 32 degrees so there could be minor accumulations of ice or snow. >> thank you for joining us.
9:58 am
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